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Re: response to C. Coleman/Japanese Shrimp

>Regards the Japonese shrimp, are they Caridina japonica? How is your
>opinion of these?

I *think* they are that species, but I can't say that they are with
complete confidence.  Our LFS sells them as "Japanese Shrimp" at around
$3.99 ea.  They do not look precisely like the photos I've seen, but then
again I think color may be fairly plastic in these guys, based on my small
sample.  As to their performance, I think they're great.  They seem to do a
better job of cleaning a specific spot, holding and turning over individual
pieces of gravel as they feed, as compared to the snuffle-and-go method of
the SAE.  The disadvantage is that you have to have a lot of them to do the
job.  YMMV :-)