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setting up my first 'planted aquarium'

Hi list,
I have been 'hanging' around on this list for a few months, I have been
reading eevry aquatic plant sight on the net and i have also purchesed
Amano's Nature Aquarium world which contains many beautiful, well no less
then magnificent planted aquariums however i learned very little from this
book in terms of technical info.

So far I have 3 tanks containing discus(100gallon showtank with dreaded
lifelike plastic plants), a  20 breeding tank and a 10 gallon simlpe
plaanted tank (2 tubes no fertilizer Co2 or anythhhing) plants doing so so.

My to be planted tank is 4 foot by 18 by 18 inches and holds 240 litres (60
I am unsure weather to use flourecent or metal halide as the price seems
very similar,
Local shops have recomended a single metal halide (isnt this far to week)
or 4x4foot fluro tubes which  makes sense to me as then I would have just
under 3 watts per gallon.
I am also contemplaiting 6 tubes,
However all of amanos tanks of this size use 2x4ffot tubes and a few of
them use 4x4foot tubes this contradicts all i have read a this gives most
of his tank 1 wat per gallon

Furthermore I am planning on dupla laterite (a local shop said 200grams is
enough for this size tank) I fail to see how 200 grams can covre the base
of a tank this size.

I have a Aquaclear 300 and am planning on using the yeast method to bubble
CO2 into the filter uptake. Also i have glued a peice of plastic ovr the
return of the filter so that the return flows directly downwards and
creates no surface turbulance.

I nneed some honest advice please. I am also unsure about stockling with
fish. I would like to have a few angels and small tetras, wont the waste
increase risk of algae problems. I am mainly concerned about the polants, 
When do I add the fish, I understand that i must add the algae eater first
(bristle nose catfish, Otto, siamese flying foxes, and golden algae eaters)

The light tubes available here are sylvania - aquastar(belive is
triphosphor, isnt this the same as the tritons) and growlux
				Philips - aquarelle and aquacoral
				Triton although they are 3 tiimes more pricy then theaquastar by
sylvania sylvania and 6 times more then the aquarelle.

I am totaly lost and i want to do things correctly from the start

PLEASE ANSWER SOME OF MY QUESTIONS - IF NOT ALL, email me personaly if you
want to.

Yours sincerely
Daniel Green

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au