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fish room ideas wanted

Our house plans keep changing and now it looks like I will most likely set
me up an office in the basement. I want to set up a fish room there too. Or
I may just build a nice wall unit and put several tanks in my office. I want
to raise native Killies and was also thinking of using these to raise many
different plants in the different tanks. I only need 10 gallons for the fish
but obviously that is small for most plants.

I am just looking for ideas for the fish room and growing plants in small
tanks. I toyed with the idea of putting in a row of larger tanks, say 20
gallons for plants and then a row or two of 10's for fish and plants.

I am just looking to start a discussion on this and learn from anyone
mistakes or anything you did that you really liked. Some subjects to think
about would be lighting, filtering several tanks.

Jeff <*\\><