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Mail Order SAE's

> There is a company called Aquatics Unlimited from Greenfield, WI that
> advertises SAEs on their web page.  See http://bestfish.com/mailorder.html
> or phone 1-414-543-2552.  I know absolutely nothing about this outfit, and
> would in fact be very interested in hearing from anyone who has done
> business with them.  I currently have only one (very large) SAE in my 75
> gallon, but he is assisted by several Japanese shrimp.  

Aquatics Unlimited is *my* hometown store.  They are excellent.  Just
about every person I've talked with at the store has an excellent
knowledge of aquatics.  It's also all that they do - they are not a
general pet store - they are mostly a freshwater store, with maybe about
15% saltwater fish.  

I would highly recommend this store to anyone. 

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