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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #564

 On Oct 8, Blacknet Runner wrote: 
> Have great news, my largest crispus plant has a spike stiking about oh
> 2" (as of now, will change shortly as it's growing FAST) out of the tank
> (20 gallon long)  Already I have noticed a rattle snake looking end on
> it, about 1" - 1.5" long.  The concern I have is since it's sticking out
> of the tank will any care be needed like keeping it misted, and am most
> interested in the methods of growing the new seed's.  Brings up another
> point, how many seeds does 1 plant usually produce?
> >From reading the archives I gather that I should pick up some small
> paint brush to polinate by hand as it may or may not be self fertile.
> If anyone can give me some insight on the propigation of this plant it
> would be most appreciated.

Most plants need a physically different plant for polination, so I'm not
sure if self-polination will work in this case.  If you can get two crispus
to flower, then for sure you could get seeds.  you may be able to keep the
polin in a dry air-tight container until you can get another plant to

Good luck. 


   JJ  JJ