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Finding adequate lighting for 75 gallon

I just got my tank and stand today.  I may be in over my head!  Nah, but
still, I've been looking for a 4 48"bulb system (that doesn't cost an arm
and a leg).  Just finding a 4 bulb florescent hood has been a chore.
Champion lighting has a 13" wide 49" long hood, 4 bulbs with U.L. approved
waterproof endcaps, IceCap 660, and my choice of bulbs and built-in fan.
Only problem - $525.00.  Ouch.  I can afford it, and I know that Hoa has his
DIY project out there, but I'd still like to investigate my options.  Two
ugly shoplights from Home Depot placed on top of the tank are not one of
them.  Metal Halide scares me (U.V. radiation), plus I won't be using
megawatts here.  I probably won't even use one VHO light.  4 48" should give
me 160 watts and the rep at Champion said that the IceCap makes your lamps a
little brighter since the ballast is more efficient.

I'll could buy the hood from Champion since it looks like an effective unit.
I'm not cheap, although I'm realizing that setting up a 75 gallons is more
$$$$ than setting up a 20.  I'm more frugal than cheap, but even that seems
to be rare!

Anyway, your advice is appreciated.

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