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Re: four tube fixtures

Dave Gomberg wrote;
>Does anyone think there would be a market for four tube
>fixtures with efficient ballasts that were the hard part
>of the DIY all done for you?  I am thinking of something
>like an ugly metal box with all the wiring,reflector
>etc. done.  All you do is add bulbs and a cover of
>whatever kind you want(optional).  Sort of an aquarium
>shoplight, but with good components.  I think they would
>cost about half the prices quoted above.  Probably only
>36" and 48".   What do you think? - --

I think most people would want to keep the ballast out of  the hood.
It keeps the weight and heat out of the hood and gives you more
flexability in designing the hood.

What I would like to see is a reasonably priced 4 bulb prewired system
with an electronic ballast and end caps.
Now that they are making  T8's in 4100K, 5000K and 6500K color
temperatures my preference would be for the 32W T8's.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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