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Re: co2 tank duration and filling.

>>>>> "BR" == BlackNet Runner <br at ldl_net> writes:
BR> Am currently looking at buying a co2 injection system for my tanks.  I
BR> have 2 tanks a 55 gallon and a 20 gallon.  My concern is 1) if I
BR> purchased a 5lbs co2 tank for the 20 gallon how long would it last? 2)
BR> where would I get it refilled at? weilding supply companys and the like?

I have only anecdotal information, but I have a 5lb tank supplying CO2
to a 75 gallon tank. I have it set at about 2 bubbles every 3
seconds. I feed the bubbles into the return pump of a trickle filter
so I'm pretty sure the bubbles are completely dissolved and I'm not
wasting any CO2. This tank has been in continuous operation for 3
months and it still feels as heavy as when first refilled. (I know not
scientific.) So I expect it to last quite a while longer.

As for refilling the wisdom in the archives says that most welding
shops won't fill 5 lb tanks. I got mine filled at a commercial fire
extinguisher company. It costs $7 to fill.

Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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St. Paul, Minnesota
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