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cryptocoryne leaf growth

I currently have two varieties of Crypt. wendtii, one red and one 
bronze, both are doing "all right" with 60watts of incandescant lighting 
over a ten gallon tank.
I am planning on setting up a 29 gallon tank with MH lighting, not sure 
yet about the lumens(?).
My question is this:  will the difference in lighting affect the growth 
pattern of the crypt. leaves?  I have previously read that stronger 
lighting(and different color freq.of lighting) will create a shorter, 
bushier plant.  Will this hold true for my crypt?
Either way, I would be happy.  At present the leaves of the red variety 
are long, thin, and undulate.  The leaves of the bronze are wider, not 
as lengthy and undulate as well.
The answer would afffect how I would place the plants in my new tank.  
If the red crypt is to continue with the same leave pattern, I would 
place it in a back corner.  IF I could get the plant to grow shorter and 
bushier, I could place it closer to the front.
Thanks in advance

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