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3% H2O2

I am not sure who the person was that mentioned dosing 3% H2O2 in their
aquarium to kill algae but I had a stripped tank with a HUGE amount of algae
and just a few fish and one crypt.  (I am in the process of starting it over)
Anyway, I added ~6 oz of H2O2 to a 29 gallon aquarium over a 7 day period.  To
my surprise, the algae is completely gone.  No fish died but the Crypt lost
two leaves.  This is in no way scientific but you wanted to know if anyone
else had luck with it.  I did!  I don't know if I would do it with a tank full
of plants but it was great to clear an old aquarium.  Oh, I also replaced 50%
of the water afterwards.  No ammonmia or nitrite increase as of yet either.