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h2o2 overdose update

A few weeks ago I just numbly dumped 7 oz of H2O2 into my 65 gallon. The nest
day all the shrimp were dead, duh, didn't know they were there amongst the
algae. The fish all were fine. I didn't even notice the snails missing, the
hitch hiker type that come with the plants. The algae died off quickly as did
the pearl grass. Most plants survived. Not a problem because it was a
desperate attempt to shut down the frustrating tank anyway. Augie contacted me
and advised a quick 50% water change (thanks) and I did it for the fishes, not
the darn plants that refuse to grow after I invested so much in bottled CO2
for them. Ungrateful. 
I mowed all the dead grass and pruned dying leaves etc and decided to siphon
out the bottom debris and change another 50%. Well guess what? My tap is 8.3
and my tank was 7.5 at best. I turned on the pH meter expecting to see maybe
an 8.0, but was floored with a 7.0. I changed another 50% and the next day
6.9. I've been repeating this process and the green is starting to come into
the leaves again. The pH is holding at 6.9. I wonder what will happen if I