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greenhouse aquatic gardenig

Hey Olga et all,
						I read an article a few years ago about an antique aquarium from the
Victorian era that stated the Victorians occasionaly kept thier aquaria in the
greenhouse for the winter and sometimes yearround as a means of tempurature
control. So ya aint crazy.  : P
		Now for the second part of this post, I some, time ago, posted about having
found Nuphar japonicum growing in the wild here in Florida. I filed the
requests for this plant away, but now am unable to find the file, which says
little for my computer skills. Those interested can reply in private to
Phylesis at aol_com. My apologies for this inconvieniance. 
			Daryl Roche
BTW, I have found Sailfin Mollies to be very efficient algea eaters as well as
tadpoles of tree frogs. Just a thought.  : )