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re: Mussels

I have kept mussels (unknown name) that I collected from Florida lakes
in may non-planted aquariums during the time I lived there. In college I
began experimenting with plants and kept the same mussels with no
problems. Now I am living in New Hampshire and do not have access to
those mussels. Instead I have collected mussels (I have seen them for
sale as green mussels) from a local lake. These are living in a 55gal
planted tank with a gravel over sand substrate. They borrow in in a
matter of minutes and are usually not seen again until I happen to dig
one up. My plants (Swords, hygro, purple crinkle [which is and has been
growin well submerged], feather plants, and others grown from
unidentified bulbs) all do fine. The only problems I have experience
with the mussels are that they push new plated bulbs out of the
substrate. In fact I noticed this morning that one in on top of the
gravel. They seem to leave the roots of my other plants alone. I inject
CO2 and they don't seem to be bothered. I have never dug up a dead
mussel in my tank. They always surface and play out a slow and
unimpressive death scene. I don't know if this answers the question, but
I have never really paid too much attention to the mussels. They're just
down under the gravel somewhere.

Richard Hostler
Product Information Editor
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