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A .madagascariensis

As my lace plant flowered  I played honey bee with a little brush. It turns
out that the flowers were not self sterile and have set seed. There are
quite a few fruit on the stalk now.
As the fruit mature, the stalk is sinking lower and lower into the water,
apparently for the fruit cover to rot away and to release the seeds.
Since I would like to collect the seeds and plant them in a "managed" way, I
have a couple of questions:
1. how can I tell when the seeds are mature?
2. will it hurt the seeds if I keep the fruit attached to the stalk above
the water? Or will they dry out and become useless?
3. what's the easiest/best way to collect the seeds?
4. in your experience, does it matter if I plant the fruit with the seeds
inside, or do I have to strip the fruit, get at the seeds and plant them?

I am basically concerned about losing this "crop".

Michael Eckardt, AGA - Translations
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