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Re: Heavy duty plant growing question

I think you need to move to Florida!  :D
-Andy Dilbert,  Niceville FL

P.S.:  Although Tropical Strom Georges is flooding south Okaloosa County
right now!

>Hi Everyone,
>I call this "heavy-duty" because it is about growing more than a few 
>plants. I have been contemplating using a little greenhouse in the back 
>yard to keep tanks in to grow aquatic plants. Does anyone out there have 
>any experience with trying this in a climate that can go below freezing? 
>I'm wondering how hard it is to keep the water temperature at about 72 F at 
>the lowest. We don't have *really* cold winters here but we can have a 
>couple of weeks of snow (sometimes more) and of course it's never
>Any ideas on whether this is crazy to think about or not are most welcome.
>in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (almost the warmest city in Canada).