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Setting up new tank


I think that as you have presented your goals and questions
for your system there is not really anything wrong here.

However,  the choice of substrate and hood are design choices
_will_  constrict you to the goals you defined.  I'd be tempted to
make decisions on the hood and (especially) the substrate which
could offer more flexibility if your goals change later.

I know this sounds like somewhat of a bland statement but I
think it's important.  On the chance your goals do change at some
point in the future,  you  _will_  spend more money and time later
replacing the substate and  hood.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net

Original Message

>David Ozenne ( dozenne at 10fold_com )

>I am thinking about setting up a new tank ....
>1.  Is there any reason to use anything but plain sand with these
>    plants?  Obviously the bolbitis is not going to care, but would
 >   anubias do better (or worse?) with some laterite/flourite/
>    whatever?
>2.  Due to neatness constraints, I think I'll probably use an
>    Eclipse hood, so the lighting is going to be on the low side.
>    That is in part why I am planning to use anubias.  Any other
>    good low-growing "ground covers" for a low light tank?
>3.  I'm not planning to supplement CO2, again because the lower
>    light levels will probably be the limiting factor for the
>    plants.  Right?