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Roger Miller wrote:

<Now my own questions...
<I picked up some Hydrocotyle leucocephala (pennywort) today.  I stuck it
<into my nursery tank, planted as a usual stem plant with one end of the
<stems inserted in the gravel.  I've also read of it being used as a ground
<cover, with the stem planted horizontally.  It seems like it could make a
<nice foreground plant that way, but I wonder about it's climbing out of
<the substrate.  Have people had much success growing it that way? 

I bought some pennywort about a month ago without knowing what it really
was.  I could never keep it planted, so I let it float for awhile.  After
about 3 weeks it quadrupled in size and covered the whole surface of the
tank, blocking all light to anything below it.  Right now it's in a tub out
on my back porch and has again doubled in size since I put it out there.  

From what I've read, if planted, pennywort will immediately grow to the
surface and then the part of the stem which is in the substrate will rot
away allowing the plant to float again.  From what I've seen, this is true.

If kept well trimmed, I'm sure it's going to look very nice when I get my
open top tank set up.

Bob Ashcraft