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Re: Limnophilia/ambulia

>> Here we go with that common name stuff again. Here in NE Florida, the
>> plant sold as Foxtail, is Myriophyllum hippuroides (water milfoil).
>> Native to North America and Mexico.
>Those common names are a pain aren't they? Here Myriophyllum is known as
>feather and Foxtail or Ambula is Limnophilia. I have both. The Limnophilia
>finer, longer leaves and, for me at least grows much nicer than the
>The Myriophyllum alwas wants to be a floating plant. I have to trim them
all the
>time otherwise they become long leafless stems and a little tuft of leaves
>(leaves/needles) on the tops. The Limnophilia is much nicer, more fine,
more full
>and much easier to keep nice in the aquarium. It also tends to sometimes
>along the bottom of the tank too, anchoring down with roots along the stem
>sending up more shoots that way.

I have what I *think* is limnophilia (it's hard to tell the various
foxtail-like plants apart in the books, and I'm never sure whether they're
labeled correctly in fish stores).  It's generally called ambulia in my neck
of the woods.

I'll agree with Rhonda's overall description of the plant, with one
frustration/comment.  It responds very poorly to trimming with the usual
method, i.e., chop off the top, replant it.  The leaves turn brown, and the
plant doesn't always recover to send off a sideshoot.  Sometimes I can get
away with it, but I generally need to either chop off the bottom and
replant, or follow it down to a branch along the stem, and trim off one

Alysoun McLaughlin