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Re: Lighting recommendations

Andy Moore sez:
 > I could do with a little help regarding lighting my planted Discus tank
>  which is a 24" Cube. I live in the UK so getting hold of Metal Halide is
>  easy. I presently use a 4500K 125 Watt Mercury Vapour Bulb.
>  I WANT to use flourescents - how many, what type, what wattage etc -
>  for circa 3 Watts/gall
>  I hear alot about electronic ballasts & T8`s etc - what is my best option
>  (assuming I can get hold of them) - Tritons are available in the UK.

Can you get GE "high lumen Biax" or Philips "PL-L" or Osram "Dulux L" lamps?
They are 16.5 or 22.5 inches long and range from 36 to 55 watts each.  I am
currently trying to build a light strip from my 20H tank using one 40W lamp
and a  ballast with a high ballast factor (1.1).  The 22.5" lamps have longer
life than the 16.5".  You can *probably* use a T8 electronic ballast to run
the 40W 22.5" lamps; that's what I'm gonna try anyway.  You can *probably* use
a cheap F40T12 or F40T12U ballast to power a 16.5" lamp.  You can *maybe* use
a cheap F40T12 ballast to power a 50W or 55W lamp.  The only US supplier I
have found for the lampholders is E.Gaynor Corp at (800) 342-9667.

You also might try to find a MH conversion bulb for your existing MV fixture.

I will post the success or failure with my project when I am finished (or when
I give up.)