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Re: Algae, Lighting, Discus and Nitrate

> From: krandall at world_std.com
> The fact of the matter is _whenever_ you have rising nitrate levels in a
> planted tank (any tank for that matter) you have more waste going in than
> you are taking out.  There are three possible solutions:
> 1. Reduce animal population (the best answer)
> 2. Increase water changes
> 3. Reduce feeding (can only be carried so far)
> Until the amount removed can keep up with the amount added, you will
> _always_ have excess nutrients and probably algae problems.

While this is true, water changes are not the only way to increase the
removal of nitrate.  Denser planting may help, if the tank density is not
already maxed out, as might the addition of a few fast growing plants if the
tank includes mainly slower growing ones.  Addition of some other limiting
nutrient might also enhance nitrate uptake.

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