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Re: foxtail a.k.a. limnophillia indica / Limnophilia aquatica

Here we go with that common name stuff again. Here in NE Florida, the
plant sold as Foxtail, is Myriophyllum hippuroides (water milfoil).
Native to North America and Mexico.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl

Ed Wrote:
> :) hope this help in your foxtail experience :)  As you know it's a very
> bush plant.  I have it listed as an ambulia,  requires strong light and
> difficult to grow.  Also have "will display compact, luxuriant growth
> only if the light is good and if iron-containing fertilizer is added
> regulary"
> Family:  Scrophulariacea (figwort family);    range: india, sri lanka;
> tollerates soft water better than hard water;  light 75 wats / 25 gallon
> (100L), water:  75F-80F, 3-12 dCH; ph 6.5-7.5;  Propagation is done
> by cutting ;) of the top 5-6 inches;  oh and it also states it's
> recomened for HIGH tanks, so this rules out my 20L tank :~(  Goes on to
> say that placment is great in front of a dark background and growth is
> compact if conditions are good, apparently you have good conditions for
> this plant and I would suggest that you just trim it back and start
> filling up a corner with it :)