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RE: foxtail a.k.a. limnophilia indica / Limnophilia aquatica

Hello All:

> Subject: RE: foxtail a.k.a. limnophilia indica / Limnophilia aquatica
> :) hope this help in your foxtail experience :)  As you know it's a very
> bush plant.  I have it listed as an ambulia,  requires strong light and
> difficult to grow.  Also have "will display compact, luxuriant growth
> only if the light is good and if iron-containing fertilizer is added
> regulary"
> Family:  Scrophulariacea (figwort family);    range: india, sri lanka;
> tollerates soft water better than hard water;  light 75 wats / 25 gallon
> (100L), water:  75_F-80_F, 3_-12_ dCH; ph 6.5-7.5;  Propagation is done
> by cutting ;) of the top 5-6 inches;  oh and it also states it's
> recomened for HIGH tanks, so this rules out my 20L tank :~(  Goes on to
> say that placment is great in front of a dark background and growth is
> compact if conditions are good, apparently you have good conditions for
> this plant and I would suggest that you just trim it back and start
> filling up a corner with it :)

Just a thought here. What I know as Foxtail is Ceratophylum. It turns 
reddish under high light conditions.


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