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    Last Saturday I was at SuperPetz and saw a plant that I had not seen
around here before called "Foxtail".  It was cheep ($1.29) so I got a bunch
(a very BUSHY bunch but only about 8" tall).  I unbundled it when I got home
and put it in my 29L aquarium (planted) and when to search the net to find
out something about it.  I could not find anything regarding it (other than
three possibilities for species names...).  So I just crossed my fingers and
hoped that it would survive... well I guess I crossed my fingers too much,
b/c tonight I pulled out one of the bunches (one of the 5 bunches that I
separated the original bunch into when I put it in the aquarium, but now
this one was as wider(bushier) than the original single bunch) and kept
pulling and pulling... this bunch was now over 2' long (that foxtail that I
thought was floating at the surface was actually part of this plant)!  And
the remaining four bunches are all just as big.  Is this typical growth for
this plant or have I found it's optimum conditions?  Could anyone please
provide me with some more info on this plant (my local libraries do not have
any major aquarium plant books that I can find, and I am a poor college
student who can't afford to go out and buy these books)?

My tank info in case anyone would like it:
29 gallon Long w/ penguin 330 biowheel (powered by a power head) and a
whisper 10 for filtration.
1.5-2" of medium sized gravel.
about four good sized dwarf lily hybrids (from the Wal-Mart bulbs)
two A. Ulvaces (sp?) from the Wal-Mart bulbs
a lot of some other "bunch" plant that I don't know the name of,
and a whole lot of fish!
Lighting:  the florescent bulb/hood that came w/ the tank when I bought it,
AND the $8 shoplight special from Home Depot (48") w/ two GE Aquarium and
Plant bulbs (40W each) hanging on the wall behind the tank and on a 12 h
Sorry its so long,
dpboyer at axs2k_net