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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #537

At 03:48 PM 9/25/98 -0400, Jim Spencer wrote:
> you could run low
>voltage DIY cables as hot as the Dupla cables.  The reason that people
>don't do that is because they don't have the DIY cables tied into a
>controller that would prevent them from over heating the aquarium.  

If that's all you want it's easy.   The way most automatic heaters are
constructed, all you need to do is open the tube they are in, put a wire
across the two terminals of the heater element, put them back in the tube,
cut off the plug, and use the result as a switch.  Be sure to use a big
enough heater tho, so it has heavy enough contacts to carry the wattage of
your diy cable.

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