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Ain't serendipity grand!  Anthony Cairochi's gentle moans re hi nitrates
and Tom/Aquatect2's equally gentle moans re lo nitrates were music to my

Being something of a plant-grower by default (using plants to eat
nitrates from high-bioload systems), and being interested in playing
with the plenum idea in FW, I cannot resist replying.

The combination of these two reports would be exactly what I hope to
achieve.  I have a couple of these high-load tanks which are not going
to go away, they are favorites.  They will, GWATCDR, be rebuilt this
winter and include larger tanks (dilution is good) and refinments of
plant-growing technics so kindly provided by all you good folk.  The
idea being stacked, linked tanks; the upper the high-load friends who
are not particularly plant-friendly, the lower, a heavily planted tank
both for appearance and utility. These two pairs of tanks will
constitute the visible wall of the fish room, currently a hodge-podge
established when we first moved to this house.  The result hoped for
would be nitrate levels below those Anthony reports- his story is my
story, different fish.  I don't mind water changes within reason, but my
current schedule of 20% twice one week and three times the next has got
to go.  One skip and I'm back to 60 ppm.  I will probably overshoot and
end up like Tom, but at this point I would welcome adding fertilizer.

My "test tanks" for plenums currently being started are too new even to
discuss, but my hopes are high.