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Next project

I'm thinking of taking my 20 gallon down and replacing it with a 75 gallon.
The Angels are growing too big (so are the plants) and they don't have
enough territory for each other.  This tank is my CO2 project, so the 20
gallon with probably become a plantless tank with some African cichlids,
which I've never kept before.

What kind of lighting would you recommend for a tank this size?  I guess the
standard dimensions for a 74 gallon are 48 x 18 x 21.  Does the gallon vs
watt rule apply here or are there different considerations?  If the
watts/gallons rule applies, I guess I would have to shoot for 225-300 watts
of lighting.

Some of you have tanks at least this large.  I'd like some descriptions of
your lighting, high-tech or not, if it is working well for you.  Include as
much trivial info that you can (bulb lengths, color, VHO or MH, suspended
hood, shop lights, pendant, etc, etc, etc).

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