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Re: Potasium

>Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 11:58:56 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Anthony Ciarochi <Anthony.Ciarochi at eng_Sun.COM>
>Subject: Potassium
>I would like to get a second opinion about some advice I received over 
>Despite the fact that my tank is heavily planted with mostly fast growing 
>plants, I am still unable to get my NO4 levels under control.  I have a fairly 
>heavy fish load, but don't think I'm feeding them excessively for the population 
>(feel free to verbally abuse me if I'm wrong).
>The suggestion was to add potassium, either in the form of potassium chloride 
>(salt substitute), or potassium sulfate.  I understand potassium is a 
>macronutrient that I might be lacking,  but I have questions:
>1 - Is lack of potassium a reasonable assumption, given my other stats?  How can 
>I tell if I'm 'potassium challenged' (PC)? I've never seen a potassium test kit.
>2 - If I am PC, should my plants be growing so fast? My Cabomba and Hygro. grow 
>more than the height of my tank in ONE WEEK, every week, with the ambulia and 
>pennywort not far behind!  I won't even describe the hornwort.  If I don't weed 
>constantly, there's no room for the fish!
>3 - How much do I use?  I don't want fish for dinner, even if they are well 
>salted ;)
>My stats are:
>55 gal.
>3W/gal flourescent
>gravel only substrate (Monterey beach sand from LFS)
>RO for make-up water, tap water (very hard) occasionally depending on tank's KH
>established several months
>6.8 pH
>6 KH
>60 ppm NO4 (!)
>Kent freshwater plant micronutrient added regularly
>fish: 4 discus (2 large, one juvenile, one baby), two 5" clown botia, 3 Ottos, 2 
>zebra danios, 3 rams, two large but very well-behaved snails (one apple, one 
>food: 2-3 frozen gumdrops twice per day (4-6 total per day), plus a pinch of 
>10 species plants: Hygro. polysperma, Hornwort, Ambulia, L. cardinalis, C. 
>wendtii, Cabomba, Anacharis, Amazon Swordplant, dwarf Sag., Pennywort.
>15+ species algae :\
> - Anthony

You forgot the most important stat....

How often do you change your water?

With your fish load and feeding, I'd guess that you should be doing
about a 33% water change every two weeks to keep your nitrates and 
phosphate under control.
Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA
rjwozniak at lucent_com
AGA member