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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #534

> Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 21:35:30 -0500
> From: "Kudzu" <Kudzu at airnet_net>
> Subject: Re: Optimum Aquarium
> I have read this thread with interest and while I am still new to planted
> tanks I just have to throw in my two cents here.
> One thing I will do different though is to be sure and use Hartz kitty litter!
> It doesn't cloud the water like this cheap stuff I used this time.
Jeff, while I'm still new at this myself, I've found that the 
'Special Kitty' litter sold under the Walmart name is pretty good 
stuff. I'm all the time rearranging and the litter never causes me 
any problems. There is even some around the base of some plants that 
my corys are constantly mowing over. I have tested the litter @ 1 
tsp/cup at work. I analyze samples for trace metals(being a chemist 
makes for a lot of free tests ;-)) and have found that the Special 
Kitty litter releases ~0.15ppm Fe into the water. So, I know there is 
Fe in my substrate provided by the litter. I haven't tested any 
others, but plan on it. Also, there was Al, Ba,Ca,Mg,Mn,and Zn 
in the test water. Al,Ba,Mn,Zn @ trace levels (< 0.020ppm), while Ca 
and Mg ~2.0 ppm.
There's my "lurker" 2 cents worth.

Jamie Johnson
Chemist-Trace Metals
jjohnson at davisfloyd_com