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hi all .. spelling check .. lol .. i recently (bout 45 days ago) bought
this plant from a friend a bit expensive at $7 .. bulb with about
4 to 6 leaves .. and one just beginning to sprout .. looked healthy so 
i took it .. now HERES MY PROBLEM .. bout 2wks ago the plant started to 
die off .. now it has no more leaves and all the roots fell off ... 
the bulb still seems to be ok .. not bad smelling and is still stiff
not soft and mushy like what i expected ... 

what do you guys suggest with this plant i have .. do any of you 
think its still "revivable" .. if so what should i do to revive it
or maybe get it to bring new stalks..

SECOND .. i have another .. its an aponogeton longiplomulosus .. 
anybody know how to keep this plant alive and happy .. its doing so so
very very slow growth .. seems like a nice plant in the pictures .. but
now .. just looks young .. leaves come out at a very slow rate ..