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Re: Optimum Aquarium

I have read this thread with interest and while I am still new to planted
tanks I just have to throw in my two cents here.

I have a 60 gallon tank which I built a 8 inch tall hood out of 1" pine and
painted inside and out. I added (2) two tube 36" shop lights and have a
total of 120 watts of light (cool whites). I made my own DIY CO2 using a 3
liter bottle. The substrate is kitty litter and sand. The sand was collected
off a creek bank locally. The lights were by far my biggest expense.

I don't keep the co2 going all the time because the plants grow so fast when
it is working. When the algae on the glass starts growing really well I make
a new batch of CO2. The fast growth of the plants and a Bristle Nose Pleco
usually take care of that in a week or so.

I read all about all the money that some spend to get lush tanks and I
really wonder if I am just lucky or I am missing something. Thanks to advice
of the folks here I now have a (to me and my wife) beautiful 60 gallon
planted tank. My plants can grow much faster than I really want them too!
Granted I don't have any hard to grow plants but mine are lush and need
regular trimmings. All for less than $100. This doesn't include the canister
filter or the tank which I had to have anyway.

This is not to be critical or the high dollar setups. So far I just don't
see the need to spring for the fancy substrates, MH lights etc. Maybe I have
a wet/green thumb and just don't realize it?

I am planing on building a 250+ gallon tank for out new house and I will use
the same set up on it. Shop lights and kitty litter. One thing I will do
different though is to be sure and use Hartz kitty litter! It doesn't cloud
the water like this cheap stuff I used this time.

Just my 2 cents

Jeff <*\\><