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Power outages and planted tanks

Hello all!

A lurker arises!

I'm here in Miami waiting for hurricane Georges (is that French?) to do his
worst.  I've ordered a handful of battery powered air pumps for delivery
tomorrow, but my wife got custody of my gas powered generator in the
divorce, so I had a couple questions regarding heavily planted (i.e. rear
glass of tank nowhere to be seen :0) ) tanks.

After Andrew, we were without power for 2 weeks.  This means water
temperatures in the 90's, no light (unless sunlight is allowed in, but that
takes temps to the high 90's!), and no filtration or circulation beyond what
is supplied by some puny airstones.  So! Is the sunlight worth the extra
degrees of heat?  If so, should CO2 be discontinued? Any helpful hints for
long-term outage survival?

Any ideas welcomed with boot-licking gratitude!

Darren (in Miami, where Montana is starting to look pretty inviting :-) )