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Cabomba bombing big time

My cabomba caroliniana started off well with up to 2" growth in the first
two weeks, then started bending over and dropping white root stems.  The top
growth bulb stays closed during the photoperiod.  One stem out of about 15
is normal and fully open.

I thought maybe they were just too big for the stem's natural column
strength or possibly the current was pushing them over, but is it something
else.  Their length is about 15" or so.

Stats:  120 gallon Dupla compliant, pH: 6.85, lighting: 160 watts Aquasun,
substrate heating: 79 F, Duplaplant 24 daily, Duplarit mixed substrate: 5"
thick, 1/3 change weekly, low fish load, medium to high plant load, no algae
problems, Fe: 0.05 to 0.10, kh 4.0, nitrates: trace.

The other plants are doing well.  Any guesses?  Time to trim the bent over
part?  Bamboo sticks to hold the damn things up (joke).  What!?

Grant Cockshott
Vice President and Sales Manager
Welders Supplies Limited
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
grantwc at mb_sympatico.ca