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Re: Deposits on Glass

There is a product made for 'filling' scratches in camera and eyeglass lenses 
that might work for hazed glass (assuming it's not some kind of deposit).  I 
believe it's an acrylic suspension that you wipe onto the glass, let sit for a 
couple of minutes and then wipe off and buff.  The acrylic fills even 
microscopic etchings and hardens. 

I've seen this do amazing things for scratched eyeglasses; the scratches are 
rendered completely invisible, and it's fairly permanent.  

I don't know anything about its toxicity, but it might be worth experimenting 
with on some 'disposable' flora/fauna.

The stuff is a little hard to find; check optometrists and camera stores.  It 
costs about $10 for a tiny bottle, but a little goes a long way.

 - Anthony