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>Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 17:33:36 +0800
>From: taburnok at skyinet_net
>hi all again .. i have a few questions bugging me .. and also some 
>ideas in for my new tank .. its a 5ftX24inX20inH .. i was planning
>some sort of light that has some sort of fluctuations in intensity
>something like dawn to dusk effect and sort of a cloud passing 
>by the sun and blocking it effect ..
>1 40w 48in coralife trichromatic on at 830 am off at 1030 pm
>1 125w MV bulb rated at 4500K on at around 1030 am off at 830 pm
>1 125w MV bulb rated at 4500K on at around 1230 pm off at 530 pm
>1 40w 48in coralife trichromatic on at 100 pm off at 3-4 pm
>MV BULBS turn on and off at interchanging intervals most is 6times
>per day to simulate dark clouds

I tried complex lighting on-off patterns for about a year when I started
getting serious about plants.  I eventually decided that it wasn't
worthwhile.  The on-off intervals meant that my plants would stop
photosynthesis when the lights went off, but when they came back on, the
algae would get a jump on the plants as the plants churned up their
photosynthesis (or so it seemed to me, bottom line -- more algae grew).

Rotala sp don't do well with short lighting periods either.

You might get an interesting effect, but my recommendation would be to turn
it all on at once and run it all for 12 hours.

David W. Webb  
Live-Foods list administrator