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Optimum Aquarium Setup

I have decided to try the Horst/Kipper Optimum Aquarium setup with my new
75 gallon aquarium.  I have always wanted lush plant growth, but could
never get healthy plants.  From what I understand, the theory seems really
sound, but the price of Dupla parts are extremely high.  I am trying to
substitute wherever possible with cheaper/better alternatives.  Luckily, I
have a mentor at work, who has employed CO2 gas in his aquariums and
experimented with a few things, so I bought used equipment for the CO2
system from him, but I still need lights, substrate, fertilizer, a power
head for the reacter??, and plants.  

I am looking for advice on: 
1.) Lighting
  From what I have been reading, metal halide seems the best, but I am not
sure about price/wattage/lumens/supplier/number of lights/means of
anchoring them above the tank
2.) Substate
  I have looked around some local pet stores, but laterite doesn't seem to
be a common item.  I know Dupla sells it, but as always they are
expensive.  Is the expense worth it?  
  I also need to know basics like what substance (gravel/dirt) to use for
the substrate and how deep it should be.
3.) Fertilizer
  What minerals do I need to supply and who is a good company to get them
4.) Power head
  I guess I need to push water around somehow, and it seems that the
CO2 reactor from Dupla needs a power head.  Just what sort of power do I
need from this thing.  At some point the fish will all end up stuck to one
side of the aquarium, so I don't want to get too carried away.
5.) Plants
  This is the hardest question of all, and will probably change
drastically over time, but what plants are virtually industructable for a

I would really appreciate any advice, as I am still trying to comb through
the extensive aquatic plants mailing list archives.

Jennifer Glover

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