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Neil wrote:

>BTW, Audouinella is
>back in my low light/clown loach/Bolbitus tank despite the 2 SAEs. They
>have grown old, fat and lazy (they are nowgoing on 5 yrs). I need to
>replace them with a few young Crossocheilus which have the predicable
>appetite for the furry epiphyte.

Yes, I've noticed that large, older SAE's eat _much_ less algae of all
types.  I don't know whether this happens in the wild too, (that they just
need a more herbivorous diet when young) or whether it is a learned
behavior in the aquarium where food is plentiful, and prepared foods seem
to be preferred.  I wonder if you even _find_ the 6" long "whales" that we
have in our aquariums in the wild.  My big older ones pick a perch, and sit
there much of the day waiting for the enxt handout.<g>  Oh well, there's no
algae in the tank anyway, and I really like them even if they're _not_
working very hard.<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association