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Re: Recycled reef bulbs

Hi Victor-

My current plant tank used to be a reef tank, and came w/ 2 MHs.  I've used
the bulbs until they've burnt out.  BTW, these are not the snazzy
$50.00-$70.00 versions; these cost ca. $25.00 from your friendly Home
Depot.  I can't complain about the growth; I have to trim the stuff back
weekly.  I've had the usual algae problems, but these have been almost
eliminated since introduction of SAEs and Jap. shrimp.  The more I've
fooled with it, the more I think that hysteria over color spectrum (at
least in fw plant tanks) is overrated.  Plants carry multiple
photosynthetic pigments so that they can capture a broad portion of the
light spectrum.  IMO, as long as your bulbs are emitting a reasonable
range, I think intensity is more critical.

It's worked for me, but YMMV.



>I was just wondering if anyone has used the MH bulbs or PC fluorescent
>bulbs (5500K - 6500K) from Reef Aquarium setups (generally changed every
>12-18 months) on planted tank?  The reason I'm asking is because, it seems
>a shame to throw away a bulb that still works.  The Reefer's change them at
>this interval because they shift from the blue & green spectrum (which is
>what is favoured by corals) back towards the orange & red.  Generally what
>is the time period that plant tank owners change their MH or PC bulbs?

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