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rooting hormone

Have any of you used commercially-available rooting hormones to stimulate
your cuttings?  I have a bottle of "Rootone"; the active ingredients are
1-naphthaleneacetamide and tetramethylthiuramdisulfide.  The stuff is in
powder form, so obviously you can't just dump it in (talk about
rootiness!), but how about mixing it w/ something like clay, or starting
cuttings in pots?  Would diffusion just spread it through the tank anyway?
You know, now that I think about it, I wonder how this stuff would affect
the fishies, given all the warning labels on the back. :-P

I read in the archives about placing the plants horizontally on the
substrate, weighted, and allowing them to sit until they started to grow
some roots.  Will this work w/ the "fluffy" thin-leaved plants such as
*Cabomba*, *Limnophila*, etc.?  

Yours in clippings,