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Re: Hydrogen Peroxide: Update

August Eppler said....

>Two new items to report.
>1. Recently tried H2O2 on B/G algae. Spot treated a few areas using the
>meat injector. Immediate results, nothing, zilch. No bubbling, no
>turning white, nothing like what happened with the hair algae. Arrived
>home that evening and was surprised to find the treated spots, algae
>free. At the same time, my pair of Kribs came out from beneath a piece
>of bog wood, leading their new family. The fry appeared to be a week to
>ten days old. So, on the dangers of using this amount of Hydrogen
>Peroxide. Draw your own conclusions.

>2. I've been corresponding with a member of this list for over a year.
>On more than one occasion, he's referred to a 10g fish less, planted
>tank in his basement as, "the algae farm". Recently he decided to treat
>it with H202. Being fish less, we figured we could factor up the amount
>of H2O2 considerably. He added 2 oz, and did a 50% water change the
>following day. Result. No algae. None. Clean as a whistle. Plants are
>now thriving.

Two oz. of what per cent hydrogen peroxide?
Precisely which species of algae were affected?

Dave Whittaker
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca