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Hydrogen Peroxide: Update

Two new items to report.

1. Recently tried H2O2 on B/G algae. Spot treated a few areas using the
meat injector. Immediate results, nothing, zilch. No bubbling, no
turning white, nothing like what happened with the hair algae. Arrived
home that evening and was surprised to find the treated spots, algae
free. At the same time, my pair of Kribs came out from beneath a piece
of bog wood, leading their new family. The fry appeared to be a week to
ten days old. So, on the dangers of using this amount of Hydrogen
Peroxide. Draw your own conclusions.

2. I've been corresponding with a member of this list for over a year.
On more than one occasion, he's referred to a 10g fish less, planted
tank in his basement as, "the algae farm". Recently he decided to treat
it with H202. Being fish less, we figured we could factor up the amount
of H2O2 considerably. He added 2 oz, and did a 50% water change the
following day. Result. No algae. None. Clean as a whistle. Plants are
now thriving.

Augie Eppler
Green Cove Springs, Fl.