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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #521

In a message dated 98-09-17 16:05:04 EDT, you write:

> Do become totally
>  familiar with Alkalinity and its accurate testing WAY BEFORE pouring HCl in
> a
>  system. As a self-confessed old-timer in the hobby and business of 
> ornamental
>  aquatics incl. aquarium, lake and pond gardening, esp. the koi carp angle,
>  will assure you that this is one area where many, MANY animals and plants 
> have
>  been inadvertantly bumped off... Instead, let's get on with a general disc.
> of
>  methods of "softening" (as in removing some of the temp. or const.
>  chemical species from waters... or maybe first of all, asking, what are
>  water's parameters, what are you trying to do, and whether you should treat
>  your water esp. at all)

I posted an ignorant and vague procedure on sci.aquaria today about
dealkalization of tap water using calcium hydroxide.  I'm hoping some chemist
out there will shoot me down (figuratively speaking :-) or respond with
details on how to do this.