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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #520

Hello Mark,

You can buy Muriatic Acid (HCl) in a hardware store. It is sold for
treating fresh concrete. One gallon of the 26% stuff is less than $5.

Start by adding the acid *dropwise* to, say, a gallon of water in a
glass or plastic container, counting the drops and then extrapolate to
the volume you need.

Change the pH in the aquarium *very* slowly -- hours or days, NOT

Be carefull with the acid!!! It is quite strong, despite being "only"
26%. If you spill it on anything, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is an
excellent neutralizer. Use it *right away* -- do not wait a minute!
Avoid breathing the vapor -- one whiff will teach you not to do it
again!  :-))


George S

I remembered that someone had mentioned using Muratic (Hydrochloric
Acid) to
lower pH. I believe it was Wright. Where do I get this acid and how to I
it? I have tried peat, pH down, CO2 injection, adding about 10 gallons
of RO
water to my 100 gallon tank (making it 90 gallons of tap water and 10
of RO water), and none have worked. I might see a drop of .1 or so but
by the
next day, it is gone. I have a pH of 7.4 and I need it around 6.8. My
start losing color when the water is alkaline. Does anyone have a way of
lowering pH?