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Re: test kits


Where can I get a spectrophotometer and how much are they?  I figure
its going to cost me at least 50 bucks to get decent quailty test
kits, so if its not _that_ much more, I wouldn't mind paying the
monney for the extra accuracy and money savings (I wouldn't have to
buy refills, correct?)


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> ------------------------------ 
> Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:49:22 -0500
> From: George Slusarczuk <yurko at warwick_net>
> Subject: Re: Test kits
> Hello Justin,
> LaMotte and Hach are *professional* kits, used by many in water
> analysis. Hach is the preferred brandname used by water and wastewater
> techs. You can *not* get anything better -- except DIY from scratch,
> which *is* more precise and accurate, but its a lot of bother (and
> expensive) to set up your own analytical lab.
> Hach sells a relatively inexpensive spectrophotometer with built in
> calibrations for water analysis. Those tests are approved by the EPA.
> You can *trust* those results. LaMotte probably has a similar unit.
> Best,
> George S
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