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New 75 questions.


I'm in the process of setting up my 75.  I want to use my old wet/dry as a
sump and co2 reactor.  I have 3 ballasts with 3 t-8s on each, for a total of
9 f32 t-8s. I plan to run compressed co2 into the wet dry during the and
hour after startup until and hour before the shutdown of the lights.  I am
only using about a gallon of media.  I've never needed filtration on an
optimized plant tank before and I'm not really using it as a filter now.
I'm thinking that the gas exchange inside the enclosed wet/dry in the
enclosed cabinet with the days buildup of excess co2 will actually lend to a
pretty stable pH.  Any thoughts or comments.

I also have an Iwaki 'Quarium pump, 2MXQDX-SC rated at 650 GPH @ 3.  I
figure I'll be pushing around 550 at my head height is this too much?


Excited about the new tank!!