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Re: pH fluctuations

>I wrote:
>except right after a water change (up to maybe 3).  If I didn't do a water
>change every weekend, the pH would start to drop.  Once, when I also had
>some new bogwood in the tank, it actually went down below 5.

I realized after I posted this that some of you may recall that I've
complained about the opposite problem before.  While I was having these pH
drops in my community tank, in which I wanted a neutral-ish pH, we were
actually *trying* to get a low pH in other tanks.

Boiling peat, to the extent that we couldn't even see from the front to the
back of a ten gallon tank, got us no lower than 6.5, so we've ended up using
distilled water, or just accepting the higher pH.  Sodium bicarb
accomplished nothing at all.  All of this, without our GH or KH really ever
measuring *high*.

Anyone posit the culprit?  That bogwood, over a few weeks, was neutralizing
while short-term peat exposure didn't?  The aluminum I asked about before,
when I think the answer was a resounding 'maybe'?