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Re: Causes of Algae Growth

Hi Steve,

You wrote:
>... you can discourage the growth by keeping pH below 7. Its a marine algae
>    and flourishes at high pH.

I can't remember where I read a paragraph which required me to reread it
before understanding its content, but I think you probably read the same
paragraph once <g>. What was said concerned the red alga as a family, and
that all OTHER members of the family were marine algae.  The black-brush
algae we're dealing with is a 100% fresh water species.  Try raising the
specific gravity of an infested tank to marine levels and it will quickly
die off.  Also, I've seen this algae doing VERY well at pH levels at and
below 7.  Some theories state that the saltwater damsels and freshwater
cichlidae are related, but I wouldn't throw my Oscar in my reef tank :-).