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Re: Useful life of F32 T-8 bulbs

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> From: MMacG1167 at aol_com
>  Subject: Useful life of F32 T-8 bulbs
>  When it comes to most flourescent bulb types, the standard wisdom seems to 
> be
>  that they should ideally be replaced every 6 months or so. Is this the case
>  with electronic F32 T-8's, or does the fact that they maintain much of
>  initial lumen power even at burnout lengthen their useful lifetime when it
>  comes to aquatic plant growing?

This is gonna sound smart-aleck, but you replace them when they burn out or 
no longer provide enough light.  "Every 6 months or so" is based on prestart
lights that have a useful life of typically 7500 hours, or VHO lamps that do
no maintain their lumenocity (sp?) very well. Most electronic T8 lamps have a
life of 20000 hours, some are 24000+ hours, Depending on the actual lamp and
ballast combination you are using, the initial brightness and effective lamp
life can vary tremendously.  You will have to figure it out from your
experience.  Six months is probably gonna be too short.

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