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black brush algae

Mark Fisher wrote:
> >If you have been unfortunate enough to get "black brush" algae, (furry
> >short tufts) you can discourage the growth by keeping pH below 7. Its a
> >marine algae and flourishes at high pH. 
> Black brush is a marine algae?  Then what is it doing in freshwater
> tanks?  Vacationing? ;-)

Are you saying that some marine algaes are not able to survive and grow
in freshwater Mark? It sticks in my mind that an experienced APD poster
had said that black brush was a marine algae. I checked Baench and could
not find a corroboration. Neil has also corrected this point.

I know I always had a lot of trouble with black brush algae until I
began using CO2. It could have been coincidental since the plants also
began growing much better at that time...