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Re: Test kits

Hello Justin,

LaMotte and Hach are *professional* kits, used by many in water
analysis. Hach is the preferred brandname used by water and wastewater
techs. You can *not* get anything better -- except DIY from scratch,
which *is* more precise and accurate, but its a lot of bother (and
expensive) to set up your own analytical lab.

Hach sells a relatively inexpensive spectrophotometer with built in
calibrations for water analysis. Those tests are approved by the EPA.
You can *trust* those results. LaMotte probably has a similar unit.


George S

> I would like to replace all my test kits with good ones (I won't 			> tell you what I'm using now-it would be embarrasing :-) and was 			> wonderin if anyone had any reccomendations on brands and types I 			> would want. I am willing to spend the money on LaMotte, but I'd really rather not if there are equally good ones I can get for less.  Specifically, how are Seachem's kits?  Also, best places to get them would be really appreciated.

Thanks, Justin Collins