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Re: calcium carbonate?

>Drew Grant wrote:
>Or, should I just try the "plop the seashell, marble, etc. in the tank
>(or filter)" method and monitor your levels? Finally, is this an "if it
>ain't broke, don't fix it," don't worry about it thing?

I recently went through a similar thought process.  My tank runs at around
7.5, the pH of my tap water.  The GH and KH, though were both below 2,
except right after a water change (up to maybe 3).  If I didn't do a water
change every weekend, the pH would start to drop.  Once, when I also had
some new bogwood in the tank, it actually went down below 5.

After some serious hemming and hawing and being afraid that I'd send the
hardness and pH through the roof, I dropped a tied-off stocking foot with a
heaping handful of crushed coral into my canister (two or three months ago).
Since then, the pH has stabilized at a rock solid 7.5, and the GH and KH
both test around 6.

Most of my plants don't seem to have noticed, but the hygro has exploded in


Alysoun McLaughlin